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Vision, Mission, Values

Your partner for Mechatronics
We create, develop and produce high quality mechatronic systems. Designed for positioning, flow control and traction, our solutions are able to meet the highest requirements. Day by day, we help engineers change the world through safer, more responsible and more efficient technologies.

Why Sonceboz ?
Sonceboz anticipates the market by constantly innovating to create mechatronic solutions for harsh or hostile environments. Customers who trust us are global leaders whose technologies have - or will have - a universal impact. They seek compact solutions that are resistant to extreme temperatures, energy efficient or that have a high power density; all areas in which Sonceboz makes the difference.

Mechatronic solutions and drive systems
Our solutions are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with linear or rotary movement. They all use contactless electromagnetic technology to guarantee long term reliability.

Industrial Excellence
Thanks to our state-of-the-art industrial facilities, we can provide a very high level of automation and can control each stage, from the specifications of the part to its mass production.

Vertical integration allows us to produce optimal results for all the major elements of each solution, such as metal, plastic or electronic components. Sonceboz aims for 0ppm. And we regularly reach our goal.